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Carbon Accounting Specialist

Full-time, Jakarta, Indonesia

About us

We are a climate-tech startup trying to slow down the rate of increasing temperature of this planet by giving access to carbon credit markets to everyone. Led by seasoned professionals with startup, tech, management consulting, investment banking, environmental law and climate sustainability backgrounds, the team provides a great learning environment that strives for growth.

Responsibilities :
  • Conduct research on the different Verification Bodies (VBs) process, pros & cons, and methodologies 

  • Create up to 30 project proposal designs across different VBs as basis for tech UI/UX design 

  • Review prefilled project proposal for carbon credit certification submissions

  • Act as Project Management Officer (PMO) in working with experts & external parties to ensure the success of timely submission

  • Join expert call sessions to build up knowledge on the carbon credit market

Preferred Qualifications :
  • Preferably Bachelor Degree in Biology, Agriculture or Engineering.

  • Passionate about climate change issues and carbon credit market.

  • Fast learner and attention to details.

  • Experienced with quantitative & qualitative analysis, generating / writing up reports in English 

  • Has professional, growth mindset, responsible & good team-work skills

  • Preferred to be able to start immediately

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