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Build quality carbon projects and offset your emission
Unlock the power of nature with revolutionary technology. Discover, develop, and deliver high integrity carbon offset at scale.
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Uncovering Climate Technology in Southeast Asia
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Developing a carbon project can be long, expensive, and meticulous
Carbon projects can be daunting. There are many steps involved, from identifying potential carbon reduction opportunities to monitoring and verifying emissions reductions.
But don't worry, Fairatmos is here to help.
Identify Carbon Credit Potential
Design Carbon Project
Develop & Monitor Carbon Projects
Verify & Sell Carbon Credit
We are here to help your Carbon Project Journey
With Fairatmos, your carbon project journey will be far more seamless. Our suite of technology can provide you with the end-to-end solution for all your carbon project needs.
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Climate Actions Made Simple
Fairatmos is a climate technology provider that simplifies the process to discover, develop and deliver high-integrity carbon offset. With our high-precision remote sensing and deep-learning automation tool, we monitor project integrity at real time, building confidence for companies to offset through our curated projects.
For Project Developers
Our Actions
Explore a wide array of technology-driven initiatives as part of our comprehensive solutions, designed to collaborate with a diverse range of stakeholders. Our initiatives encompass offset APIs, carefully curated carbon offset programs, project monitoring tools, and much more, all aimed at fostering collective environmental responsibility
Our Impact
2,7 Mio+ tCO2e
Targeted Annual Emission Reduction
From upcoming carbon projects in our pipeline.
8 Mio+ Ha
Forest analyzed across SEA
Number of total area processed by AtmosCheck.
100+ Organizations
Engaged with Us
Number of corporates, communities and NGOs.
Our Impact
Impact Beyond Numbers
We leverage science and cutting-edge technology to create high quality carbon projects. Our approach ensure the reduction and removals of GHG emission from project activities. Our tools foster collaboration between business, communities, and governments to ensure a holistic approach in tackling the climate change challenge.
Indigenous people and local communities are at the forefront of combatting climate change. Creating inclusive carbon projects that improve communities well-being in the heart of what we do. We innovate the way we build carbon projects that are economically productive, socially inclusive, and environmentally regenerative.
Impairment of wildlife and biodiversity have often become the unintended effect of many conservation projects. Our technology ensures all initiatives result in positive enhancement of biodiversity elements. With new innovation, we will be able to protect and improve biodiversity at scale.
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