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What You Can do to Celebrate World Environment Day
What You Can do to Celebrate World Environment Day

The first World Environment Day was celebrated on June 5, 1973, and was held under the theme "Only One Earth." It was chosen by the United Nations to honor the 1972 UN Conference on the Human Environment, a landmark summit in conservation and environmental awareness. Unify the peoples of this planet with a shared appreciation for our unique geography, plant life, and variety of species. Unfortunately, more than ever, our planet faces deforestation and degradation. A UN study published this year has found a 29 percent increase in the duration and scope of worldwide drought since 2000. This figure reinforced the UN's claim that two-thirds of the planet will suffer from yearly droughts by 2050. 

The UN has decided that this year's World Environment Day should focus on land restoration. In line with this mission, Fairatmos aims to educate people on the vital importance of reforestation and restoration of degraded lands. Here are some meaningful ways you can celebrate World Environment Day and contribute to the global effort of land restoration:

Educate Yourself: Understanding the specific environmental challenges in your local community is crucial. These can range from global issues like air pollution and rising sea levels to local initiatives such as clean-ups and reforestation efforts. While climate change is not solely the burden of individuals, achieving our ultimate goal of carbon neutrality requires the united effort of well-informed citizens. Learn about local land restoration projects and how you can support them.

Celebrate the Day: World Environment Day is a time to appreciate the diverse ecosystems that we are a part of. Instead of spending the day indoors, immerse yourself in nature. Visit a local park, botanical garden, or a nature reserve. Take this opportunity to understand the role these green spaces play in our environment and the importance of restoring and maintaining them.

Get Involved: Appreciation is just the first step; active participation is crucial. Join or organize local park clean-ups, tree planting events, or mangrove restoration projects. Such activities not only improve the health of your community's ecosystems but also foster a sense of unity and purpose among participants. Volunteering on World Environment Day can make a tangible difference in the health and resilience of local landscapes.

Raise Awareness: Spreading the word about the importance of land restoration can have a ripple effect. Participate in rallies, share informative posts on social media, and engage in discussions to highlight the urgency of restoring degraded lands. Show lawmakers that there is strong public support for policies that protect and restore our natural environments. Directly petitioning legislative representatives can also be a powerful way to advocate for meaningful change.

At Fairatmos, our mission is to inspire a deeper understanding and respect for our planet. In this World Environment Day, let's celebrate the incredible diversity of life that surrounds us and the ecosystems that sustain us. Whether you're participating in local events or simply taking a moment to appreciate nature, remember that every action counts. The team at Fairatmos encourages you to join us in honoring our environment today and every day. Together, we can build a brighter, greener future for all.

About Fairatmos

Fairatmos is a climate technology company that helps you to discover, develop and deliver high quality carbon offset projects at scale. We believe in the power of nature to heal and remove greenhouse gasses from our atmosphere with the help of technology.

Our technology leverages remote sensing and satellite images to help communities and companies to discover their forest carbon credit potential, converting them from logging the forest to preserving and rehabilitating the forest confidently. 

With high precision monitoring technology, we help to track carbon project performance and integrity, ensuring the social impact and biodiversity preservation. With confidence in integrity, we connect carbon offsetting companies to quality projects. 

Today we have worked with more than 200 asset owners, processing more than 18M hectares of forest carbon potential across South East Asia to deliver the promise of inclusivity.

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