Introducing AtmosWatch: Revolutionizing Carbon Project Monitoring with Transparency and Precision
Introducing AtmosWatch: Revolutionizing Carbon Project Monitoring with Transparency and Precision

Transitioning from law to management consulting and eventually to tech and sustainability, I finally discovered a mission that aligns perfectly with what I want from my day job: making a real impact. At Fairatmos, I get to do just that, leading a project like AtmosWatch which revolutionizes forest management, especially how we monitor carbon projects for the betterment of our planet.

This tool is a digital platform that is dedicated to a promise for a more accountable and sustainable future, developed specifically to manage, monitor, and report on carbon projects.

Our dedication to transparency ensures that all stakeholders have comprehensive access to information. By championing precision, we enable decision-makers with reliable data to make informed choices, fostering a deeper understanding of our environmental impact. And our integrity means that every step we take is built on credibility and trust, critical for a sustainable future.

With the Climate Performance Dashboard, we’re propelling innovation and helping decision-makers track the performance of environmental projects accurately. I believe there's no issue more pressing than climate sustainability.

For Atmoswatch, we dedicate ourselves to delivering a product that embodies core principles crucial in the carbon industry: precision, integrity, and transparency. Designed to showcase these aspects from carbon projects, Atmoswatch turns into reliable information for the projects themselves, reinstating market trust in assessing, funding, and understanding carbon projects.

Atmoswatch is divided into several modules: conservation, reforestation, and co-benefit. Each module aids in ensuring that natural-based solution initiatives are monitored and documented clearly and accurately. These features support the day-to-day monitoring and reporting tasks.

At Fairatmos, in developing our product, Atmoswatch, we adhere to three core principles:

  • Transparency: with real-time capabilities and accurate geotagging features. Documentation features and an easy-to-use application for field officers provide real-time updates from the field to the dashboard, offering ground truth in a transparent way.

  • Precision: Atmoswatch is built to accommodate several formulas dedicated to reforestation and conservation that comply with standardized approaches, such as IPCC, UNFCC, Verra and many others.

  • Integrity: building tools that are accurate and true means we cannot cut corners in developing any features we have. We will tell the project how it is, based on the input, and it is our guiding principle for our team to build any; it is the compass of our development mindset. 

AtmosWatch Key Features

  • Conservation Module: Employs advanced satellite monitoring and land cover analysis to proactively prevent deforestation and accurately predict potential environmental threats.

  • Reforestation Module: Integrates cutting-edge drone data with a mobile application, providing detailed insights into tree survivability and overall forest health for effective reforestation efforts.

  • Co-benefit Module: Captures the broader impact of sustainability projects on biodiversity and community development, with tools that track progress towards Sustainable Development Goals.

As I work on building AtmosWatch, I see it as a game-changer. It introduces transparency into our daily management of nature-based initiatives. AtmosWatch is a tech product that amplifies the potential of carbon projects, making it easier to run projects that are transparent, precise and full of integrity.

Gerin, Senior Product Manager at Fairatmos

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