Indonesia's Bold Initiatives for Environmental Sustainability: From Climate Targets to Inclusive Actions
Indonesia's Bold Initiatives for Environmental Sustainability: From Climate Targets to Inclusive Actions

With its breathtaking natural landscapes and rich biodiversity, Indonesia is making significant progress in environmental sustainability. Much of this progress can be attributed to the steadfast efforts of the Indonesian Ministry of Environment and Forestry. In this article, we will explore and commend the noteworthy initiatives undertaken by the ministry, which aim to address climate change and foster inclusive, community-driven conservation and sustainability. These efforts underscore Indonesia's commitment to safeguarding its natural resources and contributing to global environmental well-being.

Indonesia's Ambitious Climate Targets

In 2016, Indonesia embarked on a pivotal journey by setting its first-ever Nationally Determined Contribution (NDC) target. Recognizing its potential as a global carbon sink, this commitment was renewed in 2021, signaling even more ambitious goals. Under the updated NDC, Indonesia pledged to reduce its carbon emissions by 29% unconditionally, equivalent to a substantial reduction of 834 million metric tons of CO2 equivalent. Furthermore, with international support, Indonesia aspires to achieve a remarkable 41% reduction, which translates to an impressive 1.185 billion metric tons of CO2 equivalent. These targets reflect Indonesia's commitment to mitigating climate change and preserving the environment for future generations. (Source)

Progressive Regulatory Framework

Indonesia's dedication to environmental sustainability is further underscored by a series of progressive regulations that lay the foundation for the implementation of carbon credit mechanisms. These mechanisms can play a pivotal role in reducing greenhouse gas emissions. Notable among these regulations are:

  • Peraturan Presiden No. 98 Tahun 2021: This presidential regulation focuses on the economic valuation of carbon to achieve national contributions and control greenhouse gas emissions within the context of national development.

  • Peraturan Menteri LHK No. 21 Tahun 2022 and Peraturan Menteri LHK No. 7 Tahun 2023: These ministerial regulations provide the regulatory framework for carbon credit initiatives in the country.

These regulations highlight Indonesia's proactive stance toward environmental sustainability and its willingness to adopt innovative solutions to address climate change.

Harnessing Natural-Based Solutions

Indonesia is well aware of its potential in Natural-Based Solutions (NBS) and has devised a comprehensive Net FOLU Sink strategy to maximize this potential. This strategy outlines Indonesia's approach to utilizing natural ecosystems to sequester carbon, emphasizing sustainable land use practices that benefit both the environment and society.


Like Festival

Photo: LIKE Festival held on September 2023, in Jakarta


Inclusivity through Social Forestry

Indonesia's approach to climate action stands out for its emphasis on inclusivity, particularly through the promotion of Social Forestry (Perhutanan Sosial). This innovative concept encourages the active participation of local communities in conservation efforts. Recently, Indonesia took a significant step by issuing more than one million hectares of social forestry licenses to villages. This empowering initiative enables local communities to manage their natural resources sustainably, contributing to climate action and local development. President's announcement of this initiative at the LIKE Festival on September 18, 2023, underscores the government's commitment to village-level sustainability.

Fairatmos: Enabling Inclusive Climate Action

Technology plays a pivotal role as Indonesia embarks on a journey toward inclusive climate action. Fairatmos, a forward-thinking advocate for climate mitigation, is poised to support Indonesia's endeavors by leveraging technology that democratizes carbon development, including for social forestry. Through digital solutions and the dissemination of Sustainable and Resilient Nation (SRN) standards, Fairatmos aims to democratize climate mitigation efforts. By monitoring progress through digital Monitoring, Reporting, and Verification (MRV) systems, technology becomes an empowering force in Indonesia's quest to achieve ambitious climate goals.

The Indonesian Ministry of Environment and Forestry has demonstrated exceptional dedication to environmental sustainability and climate action. With ambitious NDC targets, forward-thinking regulations, a robust Net FOLU Sink strategy, and a commitment to inclusive social forestry, Indonesia is setting an example in the global fight against climate change. As Fairatmos lends its support to these initiatives, Indonesia is poised to become a model of environmental stewardship and inclusive, community-driven sustainability. Through collective efforts, Indonesia is paving the way toward a sustainable future, not only for its citizens but also for the benefit of the global environment.

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