Complete list of climate events in Indonesia to look forward to in 2023
Complete list of climate events in Indonesia to look forward to in 2023

Climate change leads to multiple conventions across the world to talk about and promote the need for sustainability and green energy. These events are mainly open for everyone to participate in and commit together to a green future.

These events are also a chance for business leaders and carbon offset developers to promote their projects. They can meet with investors and individuals who are part of the global efforts to mitigate GHG emissions.

5 Indonesia Climate Events in 2023

Ranging from conventions to an expo where individuals can meet and directly experience the project, these calendar lists also include past and global events.

1. The Green Industrial Summit

This event highlights the industrial transformation in Indonesia. It’s in conjunction with Indonesia Internet Expo and Indonesia Digital Expo. The high-profile exhibitors will showcase innovative efforts on the circular economy, recycled products for green buildings, and more.

The Green Industrial Summit will take place on 10-12 August 2023 at Jakarta International Expo, Kemayoran, Jakarta.

2. Indonesia International Hydrogen Summit 2023

As the name implies, this conference focuses on hydrogen as the low-carbon solution. It explores various uses of hydrogen in numerous industries. And it also has competitions on hydrogen fuel cell vehicles and hydrogen-focused paper research.

The event was held on 21-22 June 2023 at Saint Regis Hotel, Jakarta. Unfortunately, they had to postpone the hydrogen fuel cell vehicle and paper competition until 2025.

3. Indonesia Future of Climate Summit

In collaboration with Paloma Sjahrir Foundation and the Indonesian Chamber of Commerce and Industry (KADIN), Indonesia Future of Climate Summit is brought to the public by Fairatmos, a climate tech company in the carbon offset sector. The event brings together policy-maker, asset owners, NGOs, academicians, and enterprises, to discuss about innovation and technology roles in our collective effort of carbon reduction. Indonesia Future of Climate Summit is the first carbon neutral climate tech event in Indonesia.

4. Global Climate Strike

As the name implies, the event focuses on participating in a strike for environmental causes. It can be regarding pollution, clean water, waste management, and renewable energy.

Also known as the Global Week for the Future, the annual event is held on 20-27 September. This global event allows all nations to organize their event. In 2019, groups of various communities from suburban Jakarta took part in protesting deforestation and other climate issues.

5. GoGreen Summit & Expo

The GoGreen Summit and Expo in Bali, Indonesia may be the final climate event for 2023. It will focus on renewable energy and sustainability.

The theme for this bi-annual event is Reshaping the Earth with Eminent technologies. And as the 9th GoGreen Summit, they will offer offline and online conferences to accommodate more people.

Indonesia has the opportunity to be one of the leading countries in an effort for a sustainable future. It has the largest rainforest, diverse marine life, and is part of the Ring of Fire which makes the country vulnerable to natural disasters.

Holding these events show the commitment and enthusiasm of Indonesians to have a greener future. And hopefully, participating will inspire them to come up with more carbon projects.

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