Cambodia’s Ministry of Environment (MoE) and Fairatmos Collaborate on Carbon Neutrality Initiatives
Cambodia’s Ministry of Environment (MoE) and Fairatmos Collaborate on Carbon Neutrality Initiatives

Phnom Penh, Cambodia - April 25, 2024 – The Ministry of Environment (MoE) of Cambodia, a key driver of the nation’s environmental policies, recently held a crucial meeting with Fairatmos, a leading climate solutions company. The discussions centered on Cambodia’s commitment to the ‘Blue Skies & Net Zero 2050’ campaign, reflecting the country’s dedication to addressing climate change and building a sustainable future.

The meeting, held at the MoE headquarters, brought together prominent figures including H.E. Dr. Eang Sophalleth, Minister for the MoE, H.E. Dr. Santo Darmosumarto, the Indonesian Ambassador to the Kingdom of Cambodia, Dr. Sereyrotha Ken, Natalia Rialucky Marsudi, CEO and Founder of Fairatmos and other representatives from Fairatmos.

Cambodia has shown a steadfast commitment to environmental sustainability by endorsing the ‘Blue Skies & Net Zero 2050’ campaign. This global initiative aims to address climate change by reducing carbon emissions and promoting sustainable practices. By initiating this campaign, Cambodia is taking a pivotal step towards a greener future, highlighting its dedication to environmental stewardship.

One of the central goals discussed during the meeting was Cambodia’s ambitious target to transform into a carbon-neutral country with 60 percent forest cover by 2030. This initiative not only underscores the country’s commitment to reducing carbon emissions but also emphasizes the importance of preserving and expanding forested areas. Forests play a crucial role in absorbing carbon dioxide and supporting biodiversity, making this target a cornerstone of Cambodia’s environmental strategy.

Documentation: Ministry of Environment (MoE) Cambodia

Achieving Zero Greenhouse Gas Emissions from Forestry by 2040 – The Royal Government of Cambodia has empowered the MoE to lead efforts in reducing greenhouse gas emissions from the forestry sector to zero percent by 2040. This bold initiative is a critical component of Cambodia’s environmental strategy, and the MoE is at the forefront of implementing sustainable forest management practices to meet this objective.

Fairatmos, as South East Asia’s leading climate technology company, is proud to support the MoE in its efforts to realize these ambitious climate goals. Both parties discussed the opportunity and insights from developing carbon offset projects in Cambodia, including to leverage advanced technology and expertise to create effective and impactful carbon offsetting initiatives. Fairatmos is honored to be part of this journey, working alongside the MoE to support Cambodia’s environmental ambitions.

About Fairatmos

Fairatmos is a climate technology company that helps you to discover, develop and deliver high quality carbon offset projects at scale. We believe in the power of nature to heal and remove greenhouse gasses from our atmosphere with the help of technology.

Our technology leverages remote sensing and satellite images to help communities and companies to discover their forest carbon credit potential, converting them from logging the forest to preserving and rehabilitating the forest confidently. 

With high precision monitoring technology, we help to track carbon project performance and integrity, ensuring the social impact and biodiversity preservation. With confidence in integrity, we connect carbon offsetting companies to quality projects. 

Today we have worked with more than 200 asset owners, processing more than 18M hectares of forest carbon potential across South East Asia to deliver the promise of inclusivity.

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