Bobobox Partners with Fairatmos to Drive a Mission of Sustainability
Bobobox Partners with Fairatmos to Drive a Mission of Sustainability

In the face of increasingly pressing climate change challenges, leading accommodation technology company Bobobox announced a strategic partnership with local climate technology company Fairatmos. This collaboration aims to develop an innovative carbon offset feature in the Bobobox app. As a company engaged in the hospitality and property technology industry, Bobobox not only shows commitment to providing unforgettable travel experiences and affordable accommodation. But they also promote sustainable practices in all aspects of their operations.

As a bold first step towards a more responsible business, Bobobox sincerely invites its customers to contribute to reducing the environmental impact of their travel activities. This extraordinary initiative certainly has a much deeper purpose; what is it? Indeed, these efforts aim to inspire consumers to build a vacation experience that is not only memorable but also has a positive impact while remaining loyal to Bobobox. Then, what does Bobobox take the steps as an accommodation company with the mission of developing several sustainability features? Take a look at the complete information provided in the article below!

3 Steps of Cooperation between Bobobox and Fairatmos in Achieving Corporate Sustainability Goals

In the face of global climate change and environmental sustainability challenges, cooperation between companies plays a vital role in shaping innovative and impactful solutions. Here are some of the steps Bobobox has taken in carrying out its sustainability technology mission:

1. Releasing the Carbon Offset Feature for Environmental Impact Reduction

The carbon offset feature developed by Bobobox is a feature that provides an opportunity for consumers to voluntarily take part in reducing the environmental impact of their activities during their stay at Bobobox. Consumers can activate this feature, which will compensate for their activities' carbon footprint by supporting sustainable projects that reduce carbon emissions.

This carbon offset toggle feature was first introduced to the public at the 2023 Indonesia Future of Climate Summit (IFCS) event held on August 9, 2023, in Jakarta, organized by Bobobox, in collaboration with climate technology startups. In addition, Bobobox also plans to organize a separate launch event to introduce further versions of this feature.

This carbon offset toggle feature allows consumers to become carbon-neutral or reduce their carbon footprint by purchasing carbon credits equivalent to the carbon emissions generated by their activities. The purchased carbon credits support projects that reduce carbon emissions, such as investments in green technology and renewable energy projects.

2. Focusing on Bobobox's Two Flagship Products

Bobobox, as an accommodation company, has two flagship products, Bobopods and Bobocabin. Both products are innovative and modern accommodations with unique designs and equipped with the latest technology. Bobopods are sleeping capsules that are ergonomically designed and equipped with modern amenities such as air conditioning, TV, and Wi-Fi.

Bobocabin, on the other hand, is a more spacious sleeping cabin with amenities such as an en suite bathroom and a work desk. Both products offer a comfortable and different stay experience from other accommodations that do not have similar features to support efforts to reduce carbon emissions.

In this case, Bobobox has integrated the carbon offset feature in its flagship products, showing the company's commitment to providing sustainability options to consumers who stay at these properties. By activating the carbon offset feature, Bobobox consumers can contribute to reducing the environmental impact of their activities while staying at Bobobox.

3. Encouraging Active Consumer Contributions in Reducing Carbon Emissions

Data from the World Emission Clock by World Data Lab reveals that Indonesia will produce greenhouse gas emissions of 2.1 giga tons by 2022. The Energy and Transportation sectors are the main contributors to carbon emissions in the country.  With more and more daily activities causing carbon emissions, climate change is increasingly becoming a serious threat.

Therefore, initiatives such as the carbon offset toggle feature are crucial in offsetting this negative impact. By taking small steps such as activating this feature, consumers can contribute positively to minimizing carbon emissions and protecting the environment. Through the joint efforts of both companies and consumers it hopes that sustainable practices will increasingly be implemented in the hospitality industry and other sectors, thanks to the collaborative efforts of both companies and consumers.

So, the collaboration between Bobobox and Fairatmos in developing the carbon offset feature proves the company's commitment to running sustainable business operations. This step is in line with global efforts to deal with climate change. By giving consumers the option to contribute to reducing their carbon footprint, these two companies are setting a positive example in facing increasingly complex environmental challenges.

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