AtmosAcademy - Mini KKL & Bootcamp Competition
AtmosAcademy - Mini KKL & Bootcamp Competition

Are you a student passionate about climate technology and remote sensing? Do you want to dive deep into solving real-world geological problems? Fairatmos, a pioneer in climate technology focusing on nature-based solutions (NbS), is excited to announce the AtmosAcademy - Mini KKL & Bootcamp Competition. This unique event is designed to engage students from all over Indonesia in an immersive experience that bridges theoretical knowledge with practical skills.

About the AtmosAcademy - Mini KKL & Bootcamp Competition

AtmosAcademy - Mini KKL & Bootcamp Competition is more than just a competiton; it is an opportunity for students to experience what it takes to be a Geospatial and Remote Sensing Specialist. By participating in this event, students will gain hands-on experience in tackling geological problems using remote sensing technology. The competition aims to foster collaboration among institutions and provide a platform for students to enhance their skills and knowledge.

Participants will be challenged to solve real-world geological problems provided by the Fairatmos team. The competition is structured to ensure that students can apply their theoretical knowledge practically, pushing their boundaries and enhancing their problem-solving abilities.

Key Activities:

  • Learn how remote sensing and GIS contribute to combating climate change and supporting carbon projects.

  • Master visual techniques for interpreting land cover.

  • Get introduced to Google Earth Engine and its applications in land cover classification.


This competition was held from 15 July - 15 August 2024 and all training session will be held online.

Who Can Participate?

The AtmosAcademy - Mini KKL & Bootcamp Competition is open to students and recent graduates in all over Indonesia majoring in Geography, Geodesy, or other related fields with a focus on remote sensing. Eligible participants include:

  • Undergraduate Students (S1)

  • Diploma IV Students (D4)

  • Master’s Students (S2)

Participant Requirements

To ensure a productive and enriching experience, participants are expected to meet the following requirements:

  • Remote Sensing Knowledge: Familiarity with remote sensing satellite data and prior experience with image sensors.

  • Data Interpretation Skills: Experience in interpreting land cover data from remote sensing satellite imagery.

  • Software Proficiency: Ability to use ArcGIS or QGIS for geospatial analysis.

  • Academic Standing: At least in the 4th semester for S1/D4 and the 2nd semester for S2 students in Geography, Geodesy, or related faculties.

  • Equipment: A personal laptop capable of running required software throughout the competition and online training session.

Why Participate?

By joining AtmosAcademy - Mini KKL & Bootcamp Competition, participants will:

  • Enhance Practical Skills: Apply remote sensing techniques to real-world problems, gaining valuable hands-on experience.

  • Collaborate with Peers: Work alongside students from different institutions, promoting knowledge sharing and collaboration.

  • Network with Experts: Engage with Fairatmos specialists and industry experts, opening doors to future career opportunities.

How to Apply

Interested students should ensure they meet the participant requirements and are ready to tackle challenging yet rewarding geological problems. Stay tuned for the application process and further details, which will be announced soon.

Registration Link: https://bit.ly/AtmosAcademy-MiniKKL-Registration

FAQ: Click here to see FAQ


Fairatmos is committed to empowering the next generation of Geospatial and Remote Sensing Specialists. Through the AtmosAcademy - Mini KKL & Bootcamp Competition, we aim to provide a platform for students to enhance their skills, collaborate, and contribute to solving real-world geological challenges. Don’t miss this opportunity to be part of an exciting and transformative experience.

Join us at AtmosAcademy - Mini KKL & Bootcamp Competition and take the first step towards becoming a leader in climate technology and remote sensing!

More Information:

Email: dena@fairatmos.com

Phone: +628122868217

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