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Sustainability Specialist

Full-time, Jakarta, Indonesia

About us

We are a climate-tech startup trying to slow down the rate of increasing temperature of this planet by giving access to carbon credit markets to everyone. Led by seasoned professionals with start-up, tech, management consulting, investment banking, environmental law and climate sustainability backgrounds, the team provides a great learning environment that strives for growth.

Responsibilities :
  • Conduct research on the different Verification Bodies (VBs) process, pros & cons, and methodologies 

  • Create up to 30 project proposal designs across different VBs as basis for tech UI/UX design 

  • Review prefilled project proposal for carbon credit certification submissions

  • Act as Project Management Officer (PMO) in working with experts & external parties to ensure the success of timely submission

  • Join expert call sessions to build up knowledge on the carbon credit market

Preferred Qualifications :
  • Preferably Bachelor Degree with 1 - 2 years working experience, Minimum Final year college students

  • Passionate about climate change issues and carbon credit market

  • Experienced with quantitative & qualitative analysis, generating / writing up reports in English 

  • Has professional, growth mindset, responsible & good team-work skills

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