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Tech Companies Impact on Climate Change: Understanding Their Contribution
Tech Companies Impact on Climate Change: Understanding Their Contribution

Many people hold the big tech companies accountable for the rapid increase in temperature. They rely on big data that requires massive warehouses, expansive transportation, and powerful servers for daily operations. And even though most of them show efforts and start taking action, many still think it’s not enough as they should do more.

How They Impact the Climate Change

Each company doesn’t operate on the same level or have the same resources. But they all impact climate change and must do something before it affects everyone.

Thankfully, a Deloitte report found that more tech executives have concerns about the situation. And they are more willing to act to solve the problem.

In addition to relying primarily on oil energy, these companies also do not have proper regulations on waste management. And it’s getting worse since the pledge often omits parts of the GHG emission they’re supposedly responsible for.

In 2022, NewClimate Institute assessed 25 large companies on their climate pledge. The research found none of them receive a high integrity rating. Among the big names, only Apple and Sony received a “moderate integrity” rating in their pledges.

The same research also found that most companies are not being truthful about their emission count. Despite the lofty climate goals of having zero emissions, they also only plan to reduce pollution by 40%.

Tech Companies’ Climate Change Mitigation Strategies

While pledging is not necessarily a bad thing, there are other things that these companies can do to reduce their impact. And here are some of the strategies they can do, regardless of the company’s size.

1. Renewable Energy Sources

Lately, more offices choose to have an eco-friendly design with large windows. This will reduce the need for running the aircon all day long. Some companies prefer to rent office spaces and do their work remotely.

Renewable energy sources such as wind turbines and solar panels are getting more popular. Prefering to use these energy sources can massively reduce the environmental impact.

2. Carbon Offsets

Another strategy to mitigate the change is by partnering with a carbon project to offset the carbon footprint. However, the company needs to be careful as the public may think it's just another CSR program.

One option they can do is to have a long-term partnership with a carbon offset provider to support their programs. This partnership can be beneficial for both parties since it will bring exposure and monetary benefits.

3. Promoting Sustainable Practices

To have a sustainable lifestyle, it starts with a small step before growing into a habit. The company can implement or encourage a sustainable practice for their employees.

As an example, having more bike lanes instead of car parks. The company also can offer an incentive for the most eco-friendly employee that month.

As technology continues to evolve, so should the effort for a greener future. Tech companies can be the true leader in reaching net zero and implementing a carbon-free operation. This will force other industries to take the necessary steps to be on the same level on green initiative.

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