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Small Business, Big Impact: Pureco Launches Carbon Offset Initiative to Boost Sustainability Efforts
Small Business, Big Impact: Pureco Launches Carbon Offset Initiative to Boost Sustainability Efforts

Pureco, a household cleaning product provider, is stepping up its environmental sustainability commitment by initiating a carbon offset program. In collaboration with Fairatmos, a climate technology company specializing in high-quality carbon offsets, Pureco is gradually taking steps towards carbon neutrality. This initiative builds upon their ongoing sustainability efforts, such as offering refillable product options.

Established in 2019, Pureco focuses on producing household cleaning essentials for babies and children, including dishwashing soap, laundry detergent, fabric softeners, hand soap, floor cleaners, and more. With the campaign slogan "Feel the Goodness of Plant," Pureco promises that all its products are made from plant-derived active ingredients and formulated without harsh chemicals. These products are not only intended for babies and children but also cater to adults with sensitive skin.

Ringgo, the Founder of Pureco, states, "Indogo Corporation and the Pureco team aspire to make a positive impact on the lives of Indonesian consumers. We aim to grow our business responsibly by providing household products that benefit the environment and promote consumer well-being."

According to data from the World Data Lab's World Emission Clock, Indonesia's Greenhouse Gas (GHG) emissions surged to 2.1 gigatons in 2022. Individual contributions are estimated to account for 7.6 gigatons of GHG emissions annually. Carbon offsetting emerges as a progressive step to complement other GHG reduction efforts.

Natalia Rialucky, CEO of Fairatmos, emphasizes, "Collaborating with local businesses that share our mission is crucial for Fairatmos. Furthermore, Pureco's impact extends to households and the wider community. We hope this collaboration will spread a positive message to the public and other businesses."

Previously, Pureco partnered with Siklus, a refill company dedicated to reducing single-use packaging. Through the Siklus app, Pureco customers can order and purchase products online, with Siklus delivery riders bringing refillable containers to the customer's doorstep. However, there remains an inevitable contribution to GHG emissions. Therefore, Pureco's carbon offset initiative represents a continued commitment to environmental sustainability, addressing unavoidable GHG emissions stemming from energy consumption in production and other sources.

In summary, Pureco's new carbon offset initiative demonstrates its dedication to environmental responsibility, furthering their mission to provide eco-friendly household products while offsetting carbon emissions to mitigate their environmental impact.

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