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Small Business, Big Impact: ALVAboard Focuses on Developing Environmentally Friendly Packaging and Takes Further Steps through Carbon Offset
Small Business, Big Impact: ALVAboard Focuses on Developing Environmentally Friendly Packaging and Takes Further Steps through Carbon Offset

The packaging company PT. Alpha Gemilang Makmur (ALVAboard) produces smart packaging for environmentally friendly products. Taking a step further, ALVAboard has also partnered with Fairatmos to carry out carbon offset initiatives. ALVAboard's packaging products are made from recycled plastic, based on the principles of sustainable products and the circular economy. The recycling process at ALVAboard is shorter compared to conventional cardboard recycling, which requires a longer process. The recycling process for ALVAboard's packaging products is simpler compared to the standard cardboard recycling process.

The negative impact of conventional packaging on the environment has become a major global concern. The accumulation of plastic waste and single-use packaging has polluted the Earth and caused serious damage to ecosystems and the living creatures within them. Therefore, the implementation of the circular economy in the industrial world is being promoted in every product innovation. One such innovation that is already in existence and continuously being developed is smart packaging. The term "smart packaging" refers to packaging technology, some of which has already been widely applied in Indonesia.

Meanwhile, the trend of environmentally friendly packaging is a movement aimed at reducing the negative impact of packaging waste on the environment. The factory located in the Industrial Zone of Jatake, Tangerang Regency, distributes its products under the ALVAboard brand and focuses on innovative packaging made from polypropylene plastic sheets (PP), a plastic material that can decompose in 20-30 years, faster than many other plastic materials.

"According to the data presented by the Ministry of Industry, only about 20 percent of the plastic waste collected can be used as raw materials. This is why one of the approaches to national waste management is the circular economy approach. This is where ALVAboard innovates to achieve sustainable packaging products to support the circular economy," said CEO of PT Alpha Gemilang Makmur, Alden Lukman.

"Plastic that is not recycled accounts for 3.8% of global greenhouse gas emissions, making it one of the largest polluters. This is why recycling is so important. Paper and cardboard also have their shortcomings. Both consume a significant amount of energy for sourcing and production. Their global carbon footprint is relatively low, only about 1% due to renewable energy sources such as biogas, biomass, and hydropower. But plastic is made through a much more efficient process, requiring 40% less energy," Alden explained.

To support the circular economy in society, ALVAboard is willing to accept damaged or unused packaging so that it can be recycled by ALVAboard into new packaging, thus promoting the concept of the circular economy to stimulate economic growth and minimize environmental damage.

ALVAboard produces high-quality corrugated packaging from recycled polypropylene sheets that have passed ISO 9001:2015 standards and are suitable for various indoor and outdoor applications. The environmentally friendly packaging variants from ALVAboard are suitable for packing moving goods, packaging for small and medium-sized businesses (SMEs) with guaranteed food-grade quality, logistics package shipments, and various other packaging needs.

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