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Loy Jones
Forest and Natural Resource Consultant

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Areas of Expertise


Loy Jones helps companies involved in forest management, forest product manufacturing, natural resource management, agriculture, mining and energy to find solutions to the myriad and complicated challenges they face when trying to manage a natural resource in an increasingly populated world with much more exposure and risks than ever before. This includes corporations, government, NGOs, communities, small private companies and young professionals.


Starting early years of his career as Natural Resources Manager for forester and aquatic lands, then became Fire Prevention Specialist and Emergency Dispatch Center Manager. Spent more than two decades as forester. Loy Jones has been giving consulting services to businesses and organizations that wish to achieve higher equilibrium of economic-environmental-social bottom lines through sustainable natural resource management, responsible social and environmental policy, and/or certification and/or verification to create added value within their business process that assist in leveraging their competitive advantage.


Associate of Science (AS) - Natural Resources Management

Spokane Community College

Bachelor of Applied Science (BASc) - Forest Management / Forest Resources Management / Business Minor

Oregon State University

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